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The Origins of an Origin Story: An Interview with RA: PATH OF THE SUN GOD Animator Lesley Keen

Guest programmer Jazmyne Moreno talked to Lesley Keen, the animator behind the lost masterpiece RA: PATH OF THE SUN GOD, about its origins and how it was almost lost to the ages. The film finally receives a theatrical premiere almost 30 years after its creation this Wednesday, March 13th, during SXSW, presented by AFS with […]

Series Preview: The Alt-Doc Canon, Programmed by Filmmaker Magazine’s Vadim Rizov

The Alt-Doc Canon, a series presented by Filmmaker Magazine, begins this Monday, February 18, at AFS Cinema. Get your tickets today. Beginning on February 18, AFS is proud to welcome Vadim Rizov, Managing Editor of Filmmaker Magazine, and his collection of formally innovative documentaries in a new short series, The Alt-Doc Canon. Vadim has written for Sight and […]

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