FAILING FORWARD: A Community Screening & Discussion

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Thu, Apr 4
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


This event is FREE and open to the public.


Austin Public
1143 Northwestern Ave, Austin, TX 78702

Filmmaker Kate Robinson is screening a working edit of her 30-minute short film FAILING FORWARD followed by a Works-In-Progress feedback session for the film and a community discussion about its topic: how programmatic failures can be used to improve the nonprofit sector. 

A new short film from the producers of SAVING PHILANTHROPY, FAILING FORWARD aims to destigmatize failure in the philanthropic sector and shows how effectiveness can be improved when we are unafraid to ask the right questions of our data.

FAILING FORWARD makes clear that if an organization can identify a program failure they are doing many, many things right. FAILING FORWARD promotes a dialogue between social service organizations and foundations about what is needed in order to “fail forward”: to use data to identify failure, improve programs and better serve their clients.

In the nonprofit sector, especially in the relationships between funders and grantees, we tend to shy away from programmatic failures. However, the ability to identify what is not working programmatically is critical to improving outcomes. Imagine if more foundations invested in iteration and more grantees collected data not in the pursuit of “proof” that their services work, but rather in pursuit of learning from their data so they can do what’s needed to improve.

Kate Robinson began her career in nonprofit management and public policy over twenty years ago. She is the Executive Producer of FAILING FORWARD. In 2011 she co-created and Executive Produced the documentary, SAVING PHILANTHROPY. As a skilled speaker and strategist, Kate has been enjoying consulting for nonprofits in her hometown of Austin, Texas since 2013. Kate is the former Director of Strategic Initiatives for Social Solutions global, where she led a national advisory board of high-performing non-profit organizations and conducted extensive research on evaluation strategies. She is also the former executive director of Consumer Health Coalition where she helped coordinate a campaign to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of Medicaid waiver programs.

This event is free and open to the public.

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